International Business

Business Solution

Financial and Legal tools. Consulting. Market guidance. Investment Project. Business Administration. Research.

Legal Support

Legal Consulting Europa, Mercosur, USA + 20 Countries. International Economic and Financial Law. Creation of Theses and Theories. WTO rules consulting.

IT Support

Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchains, Artificial Intelligence, ANN, Crypto-assets, Smart Contracts, Websites, Database

Lawtech + Fintech

Legal Smart Contract, Crypto-assets Payments, Crypto-assets Warrents, Crypto-assets Loan, Crypto-assets Purchase, Crypto-assets Sell, Crypto-assets Swap, Create Smart Contract.

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Welcome to Gotonode

The Smartest Thing to do is Gotonode

We take care of international business between Mercosur, Europa, China, India, USA, Russia + 20 countries

Our mission is to create an ecosystem using high technology to control rights and duties without intermediaries.

Our vision is of free market, free trade, minimal State intervention and control of rights and duties by information technology

Our value is respect for people, democratic institutions, human rights, a balanced and healthy environment.

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Case Studies

We create several solutions for the financial legal and economic system. The objective, always, is to eliminate intermediaries for payments, business, conflict resolution.

Tourism Co


Business tourism between Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, France, Russia receive South America, Central America and North America. Open Company, Bank Account, IT support, Legal support.


Information Technology

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Fintech, Blockchain, Crypto-assets, Software, Web application, servers


Chemical Industry

Comestic, Automotive Painting Products, wood glue, raw material. Europe + Mercosur


Import | Export

Legal and Financial support + 20 countries. Importing and exporting can help your business expand at home or abroad. Call us.


Real Estate

Real Estate has legal, economic and financial solutions controlled by Information Technology to support investment in properties in America, Europe, USA


Yachting Club

Premium selection of new charter yachts, maximun 2 seasons. Sailing boats, itineraries, paradises, holidays with the family or friends. Find the perfect boat for you


Why Choose Us?

Transparence, trust, control, technology, legal support to start or started business.

Business Analysis

Gotonode node works with 24 Financial tools to control risk over international business. Security, transparence, trust, immutability with Microsoft Azure Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Antifraud.

Business Consulting

Consulting, Market guidance, Business Plan, White paper, Yellow paper, Investment plan, Financial plan, Legal plan, IT plan, Marketing plan, Investment project, Investment guidance for the national and international market, Administratation guidance, Research, Import & Export consultancy Cannabis Cultivation consultancy


Gotonode has a program about ESG Options - Environment, social and governance, according UN Goals 2030, FAO Food Security Ecosystem, GATT - WTO guidance such as Organic waste from clean energy, Urban Agriculture, e-EcoHomes, Aquaponics and Hydroponics Ecosystem.

GTN Options

Gotonode has a special market options around the word such as Fuel and Gas Station, Food, e-Health, Agribusiness, Real Estate, Fashion, Drinks, Bars and Restaurants, Beauty, Tourism, Bakery.

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Gotonode is private. Member only can participate. Contact us to request your invitation.


Gotonode D.O.O controls the rights and duties of companies in the sectors of Food, Real Estate, Clean Energy, Education, ESG, Green Economy, Blue Economy, Tourism, Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Franchises. If you want to do business with us, then contact us.

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Our Support System

Gotonode has legal and financial support in + 20 countries. 21 years of experience