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Information technology to create and manage International Trade Block

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Transparency, security, experience, legal support, economic advice, market access North American, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, low cost and high efficiency.

International Market

Import and export
Mercosur, Europe Union, BRICS, USA


Send and receives payments
Payment control by Conditional Letter of Credit


Legal Smart Contract to control rights and duties without intermediaries.

About us

Gotonode d.o.o

GTN is a company registered in Europe. Operates in the BRICS + Mercosur + Europe market. The GTN creates and controls a commercial block between small, medium and large companies in more than 60 countries.

Information technology

GTN It has an IT system that controls: Letter of purchase intent (LOI). Full corporate Offer (FCO). Product sample submission. Invoice control. Control of Letter of Credit. Door-to-door logistics for import and export of agricultural commodities, minerals and other products from 1, 2, 3 sectors of the economy. The purpose is to automate the export and import procedure to eliminate intermediaries and increase business profit for the parties.


Front to end: GTN controls the issuance and receipt of international Letter of Credit and invoices. There is no safer means of payment.


Front to end: Legal Smart Contract to control rights and duties between the import and export


Choose an option to participate in the trading block. Buy and sell in over 60 countries

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Buyer register your company in the Commercial Block

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Seller register your company in the Commercial Block

White Paper

Complete information about the Gotonode d.o.o system

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Buyer. Access the system and good deals

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Seller. Access the system and good deals


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Our Mission

Create, use and implement information technology to build a Commercial Block in order to facilitate the participation of small, medium and large companies in the process of importing and exporting products. Eliminate intermediaries. Promoting free trade among peoples

Our Plan

Create and execute Commercial Block to facilitate the access of small, medium and large companies to the global buying and selling system.

Our Vision

Free Comerce. Freedom to contract. Extinction of tariff and non-tariff barriers. Isonomy between countries in the international market.

Our Care

Respect for human rights.


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